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Trial Session

One hour


The best way to understand what coaching is about or the type of coaching I am offering, is to try it out. The trial session is either conducted face to face or via a video conference. It is FREE as the objective is to assess if that is suitable for you and me.

Single Session

One hour

600 HKD

A single session is beneficial when something specific is bothering you and you need some perspective. Together, we will address the situation or event you are resisting. Once the thoughts, feelings or sensations have been addressed, you will notice a release of energy. The session is either conducted face to face or via a video conference.

10 sessions Package

Valid until completion
Price upon request

This package is to help people to go inward, to become aware of their patterns and let go of resistances by applying a simple and recurrent method from Katy Byron. The objectives are to remove every day blockages, improve overall relationships and live more consciously. Then we move on to develop a conscious and direct relationship with the "Presence" within or "Observer" until you are fully autonomous. 

Eiffel Tower Paris

Testimonial from Paris

Annabelle's coaching allowed me to focus on myself as she showed me the way. I still progress thanks to her advices and practical exercices up to this day

Hong Kong Skyline

Testimonial from Hong Kong

I've highly benefited from Annabelle's coaching over the past two year. As I was going through a challenging period in my life, I felt stuck and trapped in fear. Annabelle helped me look inward and question my limiting beliefs. She also gave me tools to better accept and love myself. The great thing with Annabelle's coaching sessions is that she just listens. She is 200% there for you, and does not judge. With her, I feel safe in caring hands.

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