Trial Session

One hour


The best way to understand what coaching is about or the type of coaching someone is offering, it is just to try it out. The trial session will be conducted either face to face if you are based in HK or via a video conference for those abroad. It is entirely FREE. The objective is to assess if that is suitable for you or not. Please send an email through the contact page to book an appointment.

Kick Start Program

3 months duration


Cost: 3500 HKD

This program is to help people to go inward, become aware of their patterns and let go of resistances by applying a simple and recurrent method from Katy Byron. The objectives are to remove every day blockages, improve overall relationships and live more consciously. There is a full assessement session at the beginning of the period with 2 middle check points to see how the situation evolves while the person applies the practical steps. Then, there is an evaluation at the end of the period to assess what has been well integrated or not with guidances to follow on your own after the program. This program contains 4 sessions (face to face or video conference) with the coach, but the coach stays available through the entire program via text message. Please send an email through the contact page for more information.

Deep & Supportive Program

6 months duration

Price upon request

This program is for the serious seekers, conscious to be on a spiritual path.

It starts with the same content at the previous "Kisk Start Program" but along with helping the person to systematically identify and remove patterns, there are dedicated sessions to find and develop a deep and direct relationship with the "Presence". This program is customized based on where the person is on her own path. Please send an email through the contact page for more information.

Spiritual Teacher

Not Applicable

You can directly contact Mikan van Zanten or I am happy to provide an introduction for you. Meeting Mikan has been one of the best things that ever happened to me. What a spiritual teacher brings is just beyong words.