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Book Cover - The Shining Star and the Bo

Wrote and illustrated by Annabelle Foussier


Conscious of being on a spiritual path, I wondered how I could pass on what I’ve learned to my kids. One day, during my meditation a story was inspirationally “downloaded” into my mind. That story became "The Shining Star and the Boy". 


A boy runs to catch a falling star and finds a girl instead. She challenges what he thinks he is through simple questions. The boy is inspired to investigate the presence within.

This book aims to experience the presence within with our children from 4 to 8 years old. When I think about the most important thing I want to pass on to my kids apart from my unconditional love for them, it is the divine presence that we are.



Find out more about "The Shining Star and the Boy". WHY this book and HOW it happened.

Book Blurb - 2022-01-12 - What Why and HowAnnabelle Foussier
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Post a customer review on Amazon and receive

a customized drawing to the child’s first name.

The drawing is approx. 8 x 10 inch.

Ideal to be framed and decorate the child's bedroom.


Just send your Amazon review AND the child’s first name through to receive your drawing.

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"Annabelle's warmth shines through each word and illustration. Not only does this story make me connect with my children as I am reading to and with them, but inside, that little girl in my heart smiles along. Thank you Annabelle for putting something so pure and magical into the world." 

"Annabelle Foussier's book debut shines as bright as the star that shoots across her story's pages. As both author and illustrator, she has created a simple, warm, and inviting environment for children and their adults to remember we are all born with light inside us. Her reference to nature in metaphor highlights our interconnectedness and can be felt by any reader. Well told !"

Gail Boenning,
Regina Larko,
Founder of #impact Podcast
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