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Life mirrors what we broadcast

From "The inwarders” Podcast serie n°19, available on major Apps or also listen via:

In this new serie “Life mirrors what we broadcast” I share with you what happens when I took responsibility for my life and how I have been able to switch my reality.

If you are unhappy about something in your life, like I did, by paying attention to what we broadcast, we actually understand the impact we have on what is happening. I will share with you what I personally experienced and how we can all play with it and just have fun with creation.

Here is what I found:

  • First, we take a hard and honest look at our life

In serie number 17: “Responsibility versus Blame” I shared with you why we cannot heal if we are not in charge for what is going on. If the cards are not in our hands, you already lost the game. We are not just the Observers. As my friend Xavier Vazquez says in his book: ”Sit with it” you are the Observer and the Chooser.

I was still living in Paris with my family when I read “Reality transurfing steps I-V” from Vadim Zeland. Today, many books are pointing in the same direction, why that particular book had such an impact on me, I don’t know. But Vadim Zeland explained we are broadcasting, sending energy out, and if you change that energy, it’s like changing the train track you are on. So if you don’t like where your life is going, you can change it.

When I read that book I was already living a good life. But what made me unhappy was my job. The place and the people were great. But my heart was no longer into financial markets. My dream was to have some time off to just focus on Being and take a leap of faith that I would discover or re-discover my dream.

After 20 cumulated years investing towards a specific direction, it’s actually not easy to acknowledge you want to change it all.

I was also not aware of the bad mood I was often broadcasting. Having an impact on my life and those surrounding me. That created a lot of noise in a form of conflicts and annoyance by making things more complex they needed to be.

At that time, I wasn’t aware of the Presence within me. I noticed the energy I was sending out. Not noticing who within me was conscious of my own broadcasting.

  • Second, we switch the energy we no longer want

When I became aware of the annoyed or angry energy I was broadcasting, I just switched to a grateful one. I even put a list of things I was honestly grateful for that I could pull out of my bag to get extra support.

Sometimes, it worked. Sometimes it wasn’t sufficient. But overtime, it certainly gained momentum. If it took years to get where we are, it also takes sometimes to un-do it. Patience is necessary.

  • Third, we align our energy with the energy necessary to create what we desire

Yes, I am referring to “The Secret” and manifesting what you want from your experience. For those of you who do not know it, I will put some links in this podcast description.

Once you have let go of what you no longer wanted, there is room for better. The problem I personally encounter with manifesting is the source of that manifestation. Initially, I used force to create. I created a carrier in Finance for myself and secured several positions in renamed banks. It felt like struggle and I encountered conflicts. The energy was not perfectly flowing and it felt like I had to work hard to get things done.

Today, Thanks to Mikan’s teaching, I use a mix of Power, Love and Faith (which is ultimately Wisdom) to create. That can only come from Being. Not our Ego self. I basically align my wishes to God’s ones (so I only pursue something that is right) and remove obstacles (resistances) as I am fully aware creations come from my Being.

But it is necessary to let go of wanting (that can be surrendded it to God) and address what is there before we act (Serie n°9) such as blocking beliefs, fears or emotions we need to experience before we can move on.

  • Finally, it’s like adjusting a radio station until we find the right channel

Be patient. Observe what you see without any judgement. Select what you want to keep (I make the distinction between wanting out of force and desiring out of love). Modify the energy until it matches what you want.

It is best to go directly after your dreams. Creation takes time. At the beginning I created what I thought I could achieve and what seems ok to go after. But if I have to spend time and energy on it, I now prefer to go directly towards what truly makes me happy.

I love that question from Kristina Karlsson, “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” And that’s exactly what I am doing today. Talking to you on “The inwarders” Podcast.

I hope the increased awareness of what you broadcast in your life will help you to make the change you wish to see. And get rid of what you no longer need. Your desires are divined ones. Follow them.


- “Reality transurfing steps I-V” by Vadim Zeland

- “Your Dream Life” Podcast by Kristina Karlsson

- “The secret” by Rhonda Byrne ( also available as a movie

- ”Sit with it” by Xavier Vazquez

- Email Annabelle via or Mikan via

- Follow the inwarders podcast on LinkedIn:

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