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Looking inward versus Looking back

From "The inwarders” podcast episode n°27, available on major Apps or also listen via:

End of years are always a good period for introspection and this article is all about going inward.

Now more than ever, everybody is busy with finishing something on time to celebrate Christmas or a short holiday break.

It seems that even a celebration became something “to do”. More planning and shopping are required and soon, there seems to be a shortage of time for what is essential, US. Obviously, it is tempting to do like everybody else. Rushing, buzzing, and concluding. It is hard to slow down when everyone speeds up. It almost seems like swimming upstream.

In “Looking inward versus Looking back” I share with you my current insight going inward while approaching the end of the year. My experience is that all answers can be found inside if we just allow it to be.

So, here is what I found:

  • I don’t know about you, but all articles and podcasts seem to request that we conclude about what the year has been. I am over floaded with questions such as “What is my biggest success in 2021?” or “What is my biggest failure?”.

  • At first, I rushed into answering like everyone else. My Ego-Self felt released it could find things to claim his. But soon, it wasn’t enough.

  • Yes, the podcast was launched in 2021. Yes, I am holding on to it. But are there enough listeners? Does it belong to success or failure?

  • Last October 2020, my e-book was unpublished (long story) and it took me 2021 to illustrate it myself to be published again soon. Does it belong to success or failure?

  • As I am searching inside, I barely feel any success or even less successful. But I can distinctly feel the huge resistance to feel failure.

  • While all sorts of thoughts pop up in my mind, I carry on observing them. Some drag me along with them, some don’t.

  • My Ego-Self gets frustrated. It struggles to put a tag on each event of this year.

  • It contrasts with my Being, or Presence within, which peacefully watch the all thing with love and care.

  • This process doesn’t settle easily. It happens over a few days as more thoughts about what 2022 should be join in.

  • Then comes the question: “Who is successful or who is not?”

  • Finally, it puts an end to this cacophonic thought process.

  • As usual, I cannot find anyone else but the Presence within me. Who seems to be unconcerned by such aspiration.

  • I conclude it is pointless. That thought creates also a bit of resistance as it seems I am indeed swimming upstream, alone.

  • Finally, when all thoughts and feelings along with tensions in my body are fully accepted, I am perfectly fine, Being.

  • Whatever happened, happened, regardless of me tagging it a success or a failure. I have a deep sense it would have happened anyway. Even better when I am not caught up in the middle.

  • Thoughts and feelings had to be processed. Then, the question is dropped. Almost like it was the purpose of that question.

Depending on the degree of identification with either our Ego-Self or Presence, it can greatly impact how we experience this end of the year. Today, I share my personal experience with you to suggest another way to look at 2021.

Instead of looking back entirely from our Ego-Self, I suggest using a different light. Our light, from the Presence within. And it starts with going inward.

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