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The healing effect of our "Presence"

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

From "The inwarders Podcast" serie n°6, available on all major podcast apps and providers. You can also listen via:

In this new serie “the healing effect of our Presence” I will share with you my recent experience of turning a bad start of my day to a peaceful heaven.

As I sat this morning in the humid summer of Hong Kong, in a mall, to change the scenery, I just wonder why I didn’t come back home to work. Why did I feel the call to go to the mall, that doesn’t have air conditioning before 10 am.

It is time for my usual scan. How do I feel? What are the thoughts in my mind?

This morning my daughter was moody. Her mood directs her day. But does it have to direct mine?

I explained to her that impacts everyone around her. Her mum, her dad, her brother, her friends at school (as she finally decided to dress up and go), her teachers and assistants.

There is also a “ricochet” effect. I will not speak as kindly as usual to the people I am going to encounter this morning or I will feel inclined to share my daughter’s poor start of the day. Failing to move away my attention to something else, and to pay attention to the person in front of me. My husband will probably have less patience with his clients, colleagues and partners. My son will have accumulated negative tension and be difficult to manage when he will get tired around lunch time.

What I found is that:

Ordinary lives like ours seem not to matter. But it does. Everything impact something around it. And there is absolutely no way to tell when this ripple effect stops?

So I focus on Being. I take this precious time to come back inward. To move away from my thoughts and the negative emotions of this early morning.

This is not who I am, this is an experience I accepted. I consciously choose to embrace the tension in my body, the nervous feeling and the thoughts I want to escape my reality.

The observer within me is always available for me. It never declined an invitation to connect. Whatever I bring to him, it stays unchanged. It is calm, peaceful. It is not that he does not care. He just welcomes in whatever I bring home. Like a mother that would let his child come home no matter what. Ready to embrace, ready to love.

The Presence doesn’t get involve. He listens. But he doesn’t take side. There is no right nor wrong. Not on my side nor on my daughter’s side. It just IS.

Soon, the Self quiets all things. The tensions, the negative emotions and the thoughts dissipate. I match the qualities of Being. I am calm and peaceful. What a lovely sensation.

It does help that my surroundings are quiet too. The mall is asleep. Another person has entered the coffee shop from where I work. Shops do not open before 11am. So in the mornings malls belong to students, people who work remotely, and mothers who gather with their girlfriends for a coffee…but that’s a bit later in the morning.

Back to my Higher Self, I have a smile on my face. Am I not lucky to always find support and love within me? I am grateful. It is a portable phone that I can always dial in for support. But with a 24hrs coverage.

As I am calmly sitting, I can no longer find the “ricochet” effect of my nervous start of the day. I dive in and I feel my entire body and the air around me, in contact with my skin. My clothes, still wet from walking outside by 33 degrees. Feeling more like 40 degrees.

My awareness is far more acute than half an hour ago. Not only I can sense everything in my body, but I can locate emotions in my body, and my mind is empty. Empty? How can my mind be empty if I type on my computer? Well, I don’t type my thoughts. I type through Being. I know it from experience. The same way my book was wrote. During my meditation my mind was empty. It is rare but so nice that when it happens, we are aware of it.

The book, or the story, got downloaded. Directly in my mind. It didn’t come from processing thoughts. Today is the same. I am, as I focus on the Observer, the Presence, Self or Higher Self within me, it is like I am plugged to it. My awareness makes that connection more acute.

Not that I can dis-connect from it. But I can certainly dis-connect my awareness. The Presence is always there. I just become aware or unaware of it. That makes my experience of the Presence different from time to time. But of course the Presence itself is unchanged.

Anyway, back to Being aware of the Presence within me, it writes. The same way I can speak without the slightest idea of what I am going to say next, I can write without the slightest idea of what I am going to write next. The “plug” makes all the work. My work, consist to provide the attention, or awareness on the Presence. Nothing more. What a relief!! Quite frankly apart from faith within God’s Presence I could not provide anything else even if I wanted to. I just keep faith it will happen though me when it needs to and it does.

I now wonder if when I pick up the kids from school my peaceful attitude will stay the same. It is a thought. I know that my capacity to keep my awareness centered inside me, instead of getting attracted by the numerous things going on and on around me, will determine if I can, or not, stay peaceful.

I have been centered in Being for a while now. The quality of the Presence starts to evolve. It is not the Presence itself. But my experience of it. I feel loved and grateful for life. Nothing has changed around me. It is the time I spend Being that determined my capacity to experience a deeper level of the Presence.

My imagination goes wild. What would happen if I could stay centered in Being for an entire day? Mikan could definitely answer this question, but I can’t….at least not yet.

All I can share with you, is that story as a metaphor, that no matter what happens around us, at the beginning of our days, our lives or any journeys we undertake, our Presence is always available to us, to heal and help us turn things around for better outcomes.

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